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Corey Beaver
Founder, Recovery Coach, and Interventionist

The drive behind Three Fold comes from Corey's own history of substance abuse. For a decade, he found himself at his worst, making continuous wrong turns. Corey had entered sober living four times before his fifth and final attempt at salvaging his life and relationships. At his lowest point, he was ready for a change; and, he has not looked back.

Corey may not be where he is today without the ones who helped push him through early sobriety and those that challenge him today. 

Three Fold developed from Corey's desire to help struggling addicts obtain sobriety and his passion for helping their loved ones navigate the journey. Addiction is considered a three fold illness and recovery should explore each aspect- mental, spiritual, and physical. Corey's approach is meant to help heal and prosper well beyond sobriety.


"My goal is to help others view addiction as a very treatable disease, but to understand that the medication for maintaining sobriety is showing up every day and following the process that works."


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